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Another powerful protection stone. Agate is believed to be the oldest stone in recorded history to have brought healing benefits to those that wore it. It is believed that agate can increase ones intuition and allow them to know when someone is deceiving them.

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Amethyst is a powerful healing stone that eliminates negative energy and protects whoever wears it from potential harm. It is said that amethyst should be worn by anyone suffering addiction. It is thought that it helps to sober ones mind.

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Andalusite is a stone that grants the wearer psychic projections, out of body travel, safeguards during travel, and is capable of changing strife into harmony. It can also be used to alleviate stress, depression, and feelings of lonlines. The stone is beneficial to wear with prosperity stones because it strengthens their power. Andalusite is said to release negative energy from the wearer.

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Aquamarine is believed by sailors to bring luck, protection and safeguards from storms. It is though to bring peace and serenity as well as lift the wearers spirits. It's said that if you meditate using it you can receive wisdom to see the truth and is a magical stone of water. Aquamarine can bring a sense of peace and serenity and is also known for its ability to increase one’s courage and allows one to maximize their intelligence. The stone also maximizes the potential of the wearer on all levels, especially increasing ones intuation.

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Known as "the lucky merchants stone," citrine is thought to be associated with prosperity and abundance. Many believe that keeping wearing a citrine stone it will bring wealth and fortune. It is particulary special bc not only does it allow the wearer to financially benefit, it also is supposed to help one maintain their wealth.

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"The queen of all gemstones"

The sun is the only rival in respect to being considered the all powerful, and unbreakable. The diamond is a symbol of eternal love, commitment, beauty and honor. It is the most desirable and valuable gemstone. Since ancient times a diamond was thought to brighten even the darkest situations, and shield one from any danger in their way. The power of a diamond is beyond that of all other gemstones. Amplifying the energies of any other gem that is worn with it. A diamond embodies all that is beautiful and bright. It's ability to shine and sparkle captivate anyone in their path. Bestowing many gifts and powers to one that wears it.

Associated with power, beauty, commitment, wisdom, prosperity, and eternal love. It is said that its powers are only bestowed on the one who wears it if the diamond was given out of choice, and not when stolen or taken against ones will. In ancient time a diamond was a symbol of a mutual agreement between two people whether in business or in connection to lovers. A diamond is a promise of forever. Men would gift their lover one in replacement of wanting to gift their lover a star from the night sky. They believed the diamond was second to that of the desired star.

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Stone of stardust or fairy dust, refers to the dust of a diamond, said to have magical powers, lifts on spirit and brings harmony, Emerald.

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Modern and traditional stone of May, Other than topaz, emerald is the only stone linked to every birth sign of the zodiac, Since ancient times, it has been used as a talisman, It enhances memory intelligence, brings clairvoyance, love and happiness, As the sacred stone of venus, goddess of love, it helps to preserve love and faithfulness between lovers, A powerful healing stone, a stone of prophecy, and puts the mind at ease, it is strongest in spring and during the full moon.

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Garnet is said to be a very powerful healing and protection stone. Like citrine it is also associated with success in business. it is believed to improve ones overall wellness and strenghthen ones relationships. Garnet is also associated with love and happiness.

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Wearing jade is said to attract love, A stone of wealth, luck and protection, allows one to see clearly, leading to better decisions and judgement, brings wisdom, balance and peace, in eastern china, it is considered more valuable than the diamond, thought to protect by preventing any negative energyideal stone for healing.

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Jade is the symbol for money as well as luck, fortune, and protection. The stone is said to have a connection to the sun, strengthening one's mind to be the most powerfu, and also blocks out negative energy. Jade is said to help increase one's confidence, energy, and grants the wearer the ability to see through lies and deceit.

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Labradorite is known for its ability to allow whoever wears it to find their true destiny in life, and achieve what they were really meant to do. It is often thought to bring luck and helps to cure insomnia. Labradorite is a calming stone, and it is said to not only cure insomnia, but to improve the overall quality of sleep by letting whoever wears it have good dreams.

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Lemon Quartz

Lemon quartz is known for bringing a sense of tranquility and peace to the wearer. It is often associated with prosperity and improving ones overall happiness.

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is supposed to be very powerful, and has been said to increase ones overall wisdom and creativity. It improves ones communication skills as well as developing the weares intuitive capabilities.

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Moonstone is thought to be a very lucky stone. Improves ones relationships and brings light and love to ones life.

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Mystic Crystal

Many believe mystical crystal(quartz) is the most powerful of all gemstones. The energy this crystal posses is said to be so strong it will keep one who wears it far away from any negativity life could bring their way. Believed to protect from evil spells that others cast, and intensify the wearers natural psychic abilities to make them stronger in all aspects of life. Mystic crystal is believed to attract love, power, health, prosperity. This powerful stone is said to have a positive effect on ones spiritual, mental, and physical planes, always giving its owner the energy needed to stay wiser and stronger then everyone surrounding them, overpowering any negativity that might bring them Down. Also thought to have strong healing power on ons physical and mental health. Astone that everyone should keep with them at all time.

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Magical stone of luck and transformation. Believed since ancient time to have the ability to gift one with the power of being invisible. Shielding one from all danger that might be in the future and warding off the evil eye. Has been linked to vision and eyesight. It is said to be the chosen stone of magicians giving one the ability to deceive others by tricking the vision of that with whom they want to deceive. A powerful protection and healing stone that strengthens ones over all psychic ability and foresight.

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The pearl is thought to be one of the most significant gemstones, supposedly the first gemstone in recorded history. Pearls are symbolic of all that is pure and beautiful. They are believed to have strong powers of luck, love, protection, wealth, and healing. They are often associated with innocence, love, commitment, and a symbol of ones economic status. Often pearls are linked with marriage, especially brides. Since ancient times they have been sought after, and prized for the gifts the bestow on one lucky enough to own them. They are thought to protect one from peril, and negative energy, especially during travel. Pearls will keep the wearer safe from evil while on their journey through life.

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Pyrite is a symbol for money as well as luck and fortune. It's said to have a connection to the sun and strengthening one's mind to be the most powerful. It also blocks out negative energy, increases one's confidence and grants the wearer the ability to see through lies and deceit. The stone can lifts one's energy level and is a strong protection stone.

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the most powerful stone for curing heartache. It is said that rose quartz can mend broken relationships by allowing the wearer to be able to forgive and be at peace. Rose quartz is thought to attract love to ones love and improve overall happiness in relationships and within.

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"The king of all gemstones"

Extremely powerful healing stone that is said to bring intense passion, love and wisdom into ones life. Capable of bringing one out of darkness and guiding them to the light, and all that is good in the world. "A stone of leaders" gifting one with a deep understanding of them self, and a. Powerful wisdom to know what to do with their knowledge. Believed to protect one from harm and guide them along the path of their true dreams. Refusing to let one settle for anything less than that which they truly wish for. Said to attract a unmatchable passion between two people. Igniting energies within to form a love that will last forever.

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Sapphire is believed to bring wisdom and power. Since ancient times sapphires were symbolized with royalty and power. Priests would give sapphires to kings in order to help improve their knowledge and let them make the right decisions. Sapphires symbolize honesty, loyalty and wisdom. They are believed to help strenghten ones intuition and overall knowledge.

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Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone. It is believed to clear one's mind to be open for learning. It's a stone of endurance, pride and protection, as well as calming and elinimating negative energy. Smokey Quartz is beneficial to wear when organizing because it icreases ones ability to accomplish tasks and create an organized environment to maximize success.

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A protective healing stone. Spinel is said to release one from stress and anxiety plaquing their life. Bringing a sense of tranquility and providing a calm environment to recover, and renew. Believed to help one cope better with any negative situations, as well as decreasing the time needed to recover. In ancient times it has been said that witches would use spinel to protect them from spells cast against them, and to ward off all evil spirits. They also used it to shield themselves with the power of invisibility.

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Tourmaline comes in every color of the rainbow. Believed to have traveled so far that they picked up every color in the rainbow. Tourmalines are known for bringing luck to whoever wears them. Also thought to be a very powerful healing and protection stone.

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"The master healers stone"

Cleanses ones body, mind, and spirit. Aligning one with the universe, and gifting one with the ability to form a deep spiritual connection that is said to lead to enlightenment. A magical and protective stone that has been prized since ancient times for its powerful energies that guide and protect one from any conflict they might encounter along their journeys in life. Believed to bring luck and wisdom as well as opening ones pathway of communication. Providing a calm and peaceful environment in which one can use their powers to attain spiritual guidance and experience love on another level.

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